Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair

If you can’t determine what ails your vehicle, bring it to KHN Services. A transmission overhaul (also known as rebuilding a transmission) requires the removal and disassembly of the transmission in its entirety. Every part of the transmission is inspected for wear and damage, and then it is cleaned in a special cleaning solution, or replaced with another part depending on its condition.

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All our transmission that’s fitted by us, the warranty is covered for 12 months or 12000 miles including parts and labour.
All our supply only gearboxes that aren’t fitted by us comes with a minimum 6 month or 6000 miles warranty.

Manual Transmission

Services We Offer

From £ 59 + VAT

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Engine Oil

Oil Filter

Free Safety Video Inspection

Cabin Filter

Antifreeze coolant check and top up

Brake Fluid check and top up

Brake Pad check

Brake Disc check

Check Brake pipes

Check Hand brake cables

Check Light bulbs

Tyre's check

Wheel bearings check

Check condition of suspension

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