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Where good service and quality comes as standard. we have always worked with the belief that the quality of the finished product is paramount to us and our customers.

KHN Services is a Transmission Specialist

At KHN we mainly specialise in manual, automatic and semi-automatic to rebuild & recondition all makes and models of European and Japanese cars, We provide our clients with best value service here in Essex & London. We are proud to serve our customers professionally with high skill workmanship; we have 10 years’ experience in rebuilding & reconditioning gearboxes. If your vehicle is experiencing any gearbox problem, Warning light on the dashboard, its lost drive, slipping in the gear or juddering, we have modern and technologically advanced diagnostic equipment’s. Our qualified mechanics will diagnose any problem very quickly and efficiently.
We are a gearbox specialist company that deals with all types of reconditioned gearboxes. We are known for transparency, reliability and competitiveness.
Guaranty Services
We offer services for all types of gearboxes, which include manual, automatic and semi-automatic. These services are also for commercial vehicles.
We guarantee to beat the dealers price by at least 50%!
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